Passing and Overtaking in an Indoor Go Kart.

In this video I break down in detail several different types of passing in an indoor go kart. These methods will give you the advantage under almost any conditions. Note while some tracks are harder to pass than others, there is ALWAYS some way to get around the other drivers. Often it is just a case of having the right mind set about passing, because you can easily talk yourself out of being able to pass on a track.

I am fond of telling students, ‘Look if you can pass in 3 corners when your opponents can only pass in 2 corners you’re going to have a huge advantage in the racing leagues’. For this reason I make it a point to at least have a plan of how I would pass in every corner, given optimal conditions. This has enabled me to pass in many cases when otherwise I would have had no hope. Just think what a difference this makes in a 50 lap race when you don’t have to wait to make a pass, or when you are so threatening to the other drivers that they have to defend themselves in every position.

Now in this video I must admit we are dealing with drivers of lesser skill levels. But these are the kind of drivers that you will have to deal with when you are visiting an indoor go kart track, so these are the kind of passing conditions you’ll have to deal with.

Guide to passing

Passing And Overtaking Guide for Indoor Karting Drivers

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