The Members Video Page

How do you get faster at Sykart?

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find in the members section.

Fast lap Breakdown of a 29.6 second lap in a 6.5HP kart @ 210lbs, in the drivers seat with karting Champ Tony “Heavy”

How to Qualify for the 9HP Karts

Rolling at 29.6’s in kart#13 on race night at 210lb in GT2.

Short version of race night

Rolling in a 9HP @210lb

Guide to passing part 1 and 2

Guide to passing Part 2

Guide to passing part 1

Guide to passing

Fast lap analysis

Turn 1 secrets

Turn 2 secrets

Turn 2 to 3 complex

Turn 3 to 4 secrets

Backstraight secrets

Sweeper secrets

Turn 8 complex infield

Fastlap turn 6 to 7

Fastlap last turn secrets

kart #6 passing

Old Track Videos.

6HP @245lb

9HP 27.8’s at 245lb

6.5HP @ 245lb

4HP session in slow motion

4HP session full speed

Fast lap practice

Training sessions in a 4HP kart

Snapping turn ins with Eric

Training Session for Ronan

Body Drills

Eye Drills

Kart 6 fast lap loop

30.1 @ 265lb in 6.5hp Fastlap

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